A Collection of Bright Ideas, games, and lessons learned

I am a collector. Through the years I have created and sent little news letters and Ideas, and illustrations to teach all kinds of things. I called them "Samplers." I wrote Old Testament Samplers, New Testament Samplers, Book of Mormon Samplers, and Church History Samplers.

August 2010 to June 2011: Lessons Learning in Adult Seminary in Sacramento, California.

We have been teaching the Adult Seminary class in our stake since we returned from our mission. It has been about a year- a very fine experience.

When we were traveling home from Denmark, we stopped to visit the homes of some of our ancestors in Moss, Norway and Preston, England. One of my great grandmothers met the missionaries over 100 years ago in the town square of Preston, England. When she heard their inspired message, she went home to tell her sons and ask them to see if they would check to see if they thought the missionaries were telling the truth.

They all joined the church, but their father- was was a caretaker and grave digger for the local church, was fired because he had become a "Crazy Mormon."

Every weekday morning we gather with between 20-30 "crazy Mormons" at 6:30 in the morning to learn more about the gospel of Jesus Christ. We have been studying the Doctrine and Covenants- a collection of revelations given mostly to Joseph Smith and other prophets during the past 100 years.

What a fun pursuit this is. We are driven. We love to learn, and teach each other. It is a great way to begin the day..with a bunch of "crazy Mormons" who love to learn and study as much as I do.

I have promised to put some of our little thoughts online to remember the lessons we are learning. Here are a few of our own Wilberg "Mormon Ads." (To make 8 by 10 copies of these pictures- click to enlarge and then copy and paste into word or adobe photo shop or other photo file).

I will continue to add some stories and ideas as we teach these fine lessons learned from the D&C and about the Prophets of the Church.

It has been such a privilege to teach all of you who fill our classroom every day with such enthusiasm for learning. Love your strong spirit. It is my favorite part of the day.

final note: We began this blog when we were serving in Odense, Denmark- in the Outreach Center for Young Single Adults- from January 2009 to July 2010. The early posts were written during the summer as we taught a summer Institute class and wanted to reach our kids who were traveling during the summer months.-
Summer has arrived here and many of our students are vacationing, and some have moved to the States. We have been asked to teach a Summer Institute Class- The Presidents of the Church. For those of you, like JJ from Greenland, and Guang from Northern China, these lessons, events and activities are for you. We miss you all and hope to see you again very soon. Keep in touch. Sister Wilberg

Friday, June 26, 2009

John Taylor was not born after he was baptized.

I discovered that page one of the prophet's fact sheet showed that John Taylor was baptized before he was born. This is not a true fact...not even a possibility- so here is the corrected version of that page. I will try very hard to not lead you astray. If I do...let me know !

A Summer with the Prophets

As we progress through the summer, I will add more
facts about the next prophets that we study- in groups of four. There are sixteen prophets in all. I hope that as you compare their ages, their families, their birthdates, and their death dates, that you will discover a new appreciation for these strong leaders who gave their lives in service of their God. (If you want to read these charts, and papers more clearly, just put your pointer on each page, click- and a full 8 by 10 picture will appear. You are welcome to print and share these "Lessons Learned".)
A Correction is needed on John Taylor's birthday. He was born on November 1, 1808 only three years after the birth of Joseph Smith.

There is so much to learn about the Prophet Joseph Smith. I will continue to add little bits and pieces to help us all become more aware of his great talents and abilities. He was a man who was always searching for more truth. It is a privilege to study about his life and look at the great contribution that he made in these last days.

It is very interesting for me to follow the Smith Family. Joseph's grandparents began a legacy that left us with four prophets of the church, and many leaders through the years.
I think the best way to remember history is to celebrate it. For many years I have created Hill Cumorah Cakes with the golden plates inside. This is in honor of the men who met on that hill (and some even fought to the death on the Hill Cumorah and its surrounding land). The Jaredites, The Nephites, and Moroni's own family probably were some of those who died there. Moroni buried the plates and laban's sword there, and Joseph went there to find the golden plates. This is an unbelievable story. But it is true.

These are some activities that can take place during the year to celebrate the history and the stories of our sixteen prophets.

Wilford Woodruff will be next. Welcome to the lives of the Prophets of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints...

Monday, June 22, 2009

Welcome to Summer..

At the beginning of summer, we said "Good Bye" to Guang. She has begun language school in Los Angeles, California. She is looking forward to visiting Disneyland during her vacation break. We miss you, Guang.

What do young adults do here during the early summer? We have shown the "Mobster and Mormons" movie five times to everyone from 12 to 85 years of age. (I guess our 85 year old is not considered a young adult). We have had cookies and milk, vegetable dips, potato chips, and homemade icecream at our movie nights. June is a time to relax and celebrate the end of the school year.

We have played round ball in a near by park, with a tennis ball, bat and coat hangers and card board for bases. This is a game everyone can play, no matter what athletic skills they have.

It is always a great surprise to have people show up from all over this side of Denmark.

Julie has come home for a summer break. She rode one of her beautiful black horses right in our backyard.

We went to visit Laura at her job at the Kerteminde Fjord and Baet Acquarium. (see wildmountainabroad.blogspot.com). She is anxiously awaiting her mission call.

We miss many of you during the month of June because you are busy studying and taking exams. Good luck to all of you.

At the beginning of summer, Stefano won a well deserved silver medal for his success during the table tennis championship games on the island of Bornholm, Denmark. Congratulations, hard working, disciplined Stefano.

June is a time for Seminary and Institute Certificates and graduation. Good job. What a great crowd of enthusiastic young people. They danced and drank chocolate milkshakes around a golden castle of lights.

In June we have had our last family home evening with Sara. She is on her way to the MTC in Provo, and then to Temple Square where she will serve a very exciting mission. (Benjamin, Sara, Julie, and Karin are sitting on our pool table at the center. This week we will put Sara's picture on the missionary map behind them)
She will also say "Good Bye" to Benjamin. Yesterday was her missionary Farwell. When we entered the chapel in Fredericia, we discovered a little reluctant "church goer" all curled up in the coat closet. She was there for at least fifteen minutes. We never saw her face, and we never saw her shoes enter the Sacrament Meeting. We do know that she missed the opportunity to hear from Sara and her father. Sara is ready to begin eighteen months in the heart of Utah.

I think she is ready to bring a taste of Denmark, and her strong testimony of the gospel, to Temple Square.

Good Bye, Sara. Welcome to Temple Square.